Persistent Issue with Plugins Deactivating on PC Version of Obsidian after iCloud Sync

Steps to reproduce

  1. Synchronize Obsidian via iCloud between PC and iPhone.
  2. Install and enable various plugins on the Obsidian app on iPhone.
  3. Close the Obsidian app on iPhone.
  4. Open Obsidian app on the PC.

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Expected result

All the plugins installed and enabled on the iPhone version should also be enabled on the PC version after synchronization.

Actual result

All the plugins are disabled every time the Obsidian app is opened on the PC, and have to be manually enabled one by one. This happens every time I open the app on the PC.


[Insert debug info here]

Additional information

I have not been able to find any error messages in the log files or in the console. The issue persists regardless of the plugins installed or the order they are enabled in. I’ve also tried reinstalling Obsidian and resetting the settings to no avail.

Plugins I’m using:
Custom Frames
Kindle highlights
Reading Time
Recent Files
Smart Connections
Tag Wrangler

I am sorry but we don’t provide support for third party sync services.

I believe this should work and other people have it working. Moving this to help.

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