Persistent Dropdown Selection Lists

This is something I miss from more database oriented Apps… something that lets me choose from a predetermined list and that will remember the selection when note is closed and re-opened. I’ve been using the “Dice Roller” plugin for other purposes, and thought that if it can fetch a random value from a table, another plugin could fetch the whole table and prompt me witth a list to choose from.

The idea would be to have a note or table inside a note and then do something like this

`listSelect: [[myNote]]`
`listSelect: [[myNote^tableBlockHash]]`

in order to get a simple html drop down selection list either from all the blocks in a note or from lines of referenced table.

The dice roller plugin is not persistent: once you close the note and open again it rolls another result, but the selection list should be at least to some point…
I wouldnt mind if it’s not dynamicly reusable… like after first selection it freezes as a text value and loses dropdown capabilities. It’d still be helpfull using templates: every time I create a new template it checks the table/note for all options and once selected it’s set.

The plus would be if i could conditionally fetch lists based on other selectors.
Like the first list is “Vegetables, Meats or Candies” and the second list is populated based on the first choice, showing a list only of foods that are on the category.

I’ve looked hard for a plugin that does something alike. Is there something I’m missing?