Persistence of 'toggle reading view' hotkey

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to toggle ‘reading view’ via hotkey in a way that persists even when I change Notes. E.g., by default I have it on ‘edit mode’, but sometimes I want to change to ‘preview mode’ and be able to browse through multiple notes in preview mode, without having to re-toggle it on each note I open.

Proposed solution

Perhaps there could be a separate ‘Toggle reading view (sticky)’ hotkey that would serve this function without changing the existing one?

There is Settings > Editor > “Default view for new tabs”, but you have to go into Settings to change it and then start a new tab. Less convenient than a hotkey, but maybe better than nothing?

Thanks. Although I feel like having to go into settings every time breaks the flow of interacting with the notes too much. I can’t be the only person who finds it more intuitive for the current note mode to persist when you change notes and not just to be for the currently open note.

Perhaps I’ll try make a plugin for it.

So, wait. I just realized Reading View does persist when I switch notes. I didn’t realize because I hardly ever use Reading View, but I tried it just now and it works — at least when I follow a link in a tab. If I open the link in a new tab it uses the default.

Is your default for new tabs “reading view” though? And if on a given note, you switch to editing view, does editing view persist when you change to a new note? (whether a new tab or same tab)?

Ohhhhhh, I think my problem might have been an interaction with another plugin I have enabled. I just remembered I have a plugin called ‘Force note view mode’ which allows forcing the note view with YAML frontmatter… and I didn’t realise that the default behaviour for that is to force your view mode to your default for everything without the YAML specification.

Sorry for wasting your time haha, thanks for helping out :slight_smile:


Is the feature request still useful to you, or should I close it?

Feel free to close. I guess if anything, my problem would be to change the default behaviour of the 'Force note view mode’ plugin rather than a general Obsidian feature

OK. You can post a feature request to the plugin’s GitHub issues page if you like.

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