Permanently hide certain folders or files from the graph-view

Use case or problem

Although the graph view is very useful, I don’t always find it useful to be able to find ALL notes there. For example, daily notes: You can create a whole lot of them, and most often, not really useful to see 300 of these notes in the graph view.

Also it sometimes makes me think whether I’d want something to show up in the graph. And if no, maybe I shouldn’t create that note. Because it’ll also clog up the graph, make everything less clear and make the graph slower. I think the graph view is great to get an overview over your notes, but seeing unnecessary notes there takes away from the clear organized overview.

Yes, you can use the search function to exclude certain folders, but it gets pretty annoying to type in a certain query everytime you want to use the graph. Not to mention that the search query can become pretty long if you want to search for something, and at the same time want to exclude a bunch of folders.

Proposed solution

Best option imo is to simply create a checkbox in the right click menu of folders (and maybe separate notes) that says something like “hide from graph view”. If that option is selected, all notes in that folder won’t be displayed in the graph view.


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FYI this exact feature has been requested a couple of times before:

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My apologies, I didn’t find these when I did a quick search for similar requests. I agree that dsteinbock’s request would solve this problem, maybe even better, albeit in a bit more complex way.