Permanent Obsidian URLs

Use case or problem

I frequently move project .md files between folders in a vault. Sort of similar to how Kanban boards function, moving a project from pending to active to completed, etc. When I copy the Obsidian URL, it stops functioning when I move a .md file into one of the other folders in my vault.

Proposed solution

Could a permanent URL be generated for each .md file that’s perhaps embedded in the metadata of the .md file or maybe maintained in a vault database?

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

I couldn’t find any

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You can click on all context menus (link mentioned, the 3 dot menu on any pane, and select “copy obsidian url” there.
I found that if you remove the path part of that file name, it finds the file for you anyways, no matter if it is in an odd place:
Original copied link:

Works anywhere link:

Maybe the link that works anywhere could be made the default if it is not ambiguous?

This depends on the choice of URL that you’re using. The solution is indeed what @elmsfeuer suggested, and that makes the URL independent of the folder where your note lives. There is more documentation about the Obsidian URIs in the help vault (or the publish version).

I’ll move this to #resolved-help based on the replies for this. Let me know if there’s something not answered and move it back if needed.

Permanency of links is also discussed in posts under feature request Remove folder from the "Copy Obsidian URL" menu