Periods in tags?

I’m surprised I didn’t find a pre-existing FR for this, but can we support decimals and periods in tags?

Use case or problem

Especially in software development, there is a lot of good use for allowing decimals in tag names, such as version control tags. An example use case would be to have a way to embed Github semver tags/releases into my notes.

Proposed solution

Add the “.” to the list of supported characters for tags

Current workaround (optional)

Concatenate semvers into an ugly string without decimals: #v001a


Back compatibility

Someone could have written:
Buy coffee #important.Wash dishes.
It will produce new tag #important.Wash
and more problems with community plugins.


Nested tags

It will give you 3 additional tags for searching.

Properties for notes

version: 1.42.22

Dataview variable

add value (string) [version :: 1.42.22]
=this.version will produce 1.42.22

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The tag format is intended to be widely compatible with other hashtag implementations, which typically don’t support periods. (But as long as the feature request is open, there’s always a little hope.)

Please kindly consider my suggestion and optimize the product design:

Allow the use of “.” in tags, such as centos7.9.

This kind of tag is a common operation in the blog I built using hexo before(see figure below), but it cannot be used normally in Obsidian. I think this is a defect in product design, and I hope you can adopt my suggestions and solve this problem, and together make Obsidian better!

Allowing periods in tags can easily lead to many problems and conflicts including with other plugins, it’s harder to parse correctly and style appropriately, so instead you have to resort to other means of achieving the same outcome as seen below:

And, of course, the official response to this: