Periodically (1-2mins) vault lags and windows explorer becomes unresponsive

Things I have tried

I have tried restarting the vault. I have tried restarting the computer. I have removed the theme and all the plugins and then restarted the vault again.

What I’m trying to do

When I am typing a note, every minute or two the top of the window starts flickering and anything I am typing gets delayed…and then when the flickering stops (last 2-3 seconds), the text comes through. I have been typing with the task manager open and I can see that the CPU usage for Obsidian spikes to around 9% and is followed up by Windows explorer spiking to low 20% and going (Not Responding) but a little bit but then returns to normal.

If I have the vault open in the background and am working on something like this, I will also experience the same issue. It feels as if Obsidian is running some sort of process in the background and then that creates everything to freeze while its processing.

Is your vault on a local drive or a network drive? If it is local is it an external one that might be going to sleep? I had a similar issue happening while my vault was on a usb hard drive on another computer, the drive was going to sleep occasionally and when Obsidian would go to save/read there would be a long delay while the drive wakes up. Moving it to a local drive make the delay go away.

The vault is stored locally in my documents.

Can you please clarify? Is your vault a folder inside “My Documents”, or did you set “My Documents” to be the vault?

I am also pretty sure it is possible to configure OneDrive to sync your documents folder. You should definitely triple-check that you aren’t actually syncing that folder.

I have a folder within my documents which I have set as the folder for the vault, not the whole of ‘My Documents’.

I dont have any of my folders on my c drive syncing to any cloud storage. It is 100% local.

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I’m having the exact same problem. Even the folder structure is same. Though I’ve not faced Windows Explorer becoming unresponsive yet, but there is a good lag even in the editor panel while typing the notes.

Any help would be appreciated!

Could you perhaps test copying your vault to a location outside of the “My Documents” folder to see if it resolves the issue? Maybe something strange is going on in this built-in Windows folder, even if it isn’t synced.

(This is a shot in the dark. I haven’t used Windows in a couple years.)

Good, just checking. Some other people had done that, and it wasn’t good.

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I tried it and it sort of worked. It’s better than before.
The remaining lag I figure is due to mathjax trying to render several equations in couple of my notes.

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