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Hello all !

I’m stuck on problem,
I try to configure my daily note with Periodic note and template plugin, I want to generate automaticaly a quick access line to all day note of the week in my template, inspired by this article :

But when I copy the code, it dosen’t work :

As you see, the first item, the number of the week works, but not all days variable, and the end of the code too (I’m not sure to understands what is for)

I probably miss something, anyone have an idee to fix this ?

Thank’s for your time !

Your template looks correct to me. I’m using things like {{sunday:YYYY-MM-DD}} in my weekly template and it works (I used it today).

Is the core Daily Notes plugin still active? If you used the core plugin to generate that note, you would get this result.

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Hello Cawlin, thank’s for your answer !

No I disable the daliy note plugin, after recommandation of Periodic note plugin for avoid
interference betwen them.

I try to enable it, and to disable Periodic note with Daily note but there is no change.

There is my hidden code :

My format is YYYY-MM-DD ddd, but I tried whith YYYY-MM-DD (and adapt format in the settings) and it’s doesn’t works :frowning:

It seems than {{date}} function work but not others for the day, maybe it’s templater’s plugin problems ?

Just in case, there is my settings :
For Periodic note :

For Templater :

OK, that’s why I asked — I thought there could be interference.

I don’t know much about Templater, but what if you try it with Templater’s “Trigger Templater on new file creation” turned off?

I was having the exact same problem. I turned off almost all plugins and it worked again. Turning on plugins one by one and it still works, so I don’t see a conflict with any particular one. Hope that helps.

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