Performing Obsidian live

After a year and a half of using Obsidian almost every day, it has started to feel so natural that I am reaching a point where I believe it could be used as a live/performance instrument.

I contemplate possibilities of art performances, live mapping of a specific social space, experimental documentation of a cultural event… Most probably with a real-time projection of the emerging graph and maybe the possibility for the public to navigate - and maybe even expand on - the content of the resulting knowledge network.

I was wondering if anyone here has been or is thinking experimenting with similar ideas. Would love to exchange about this!

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No disrespect to the idea, but if you want to make something people would want to watch, I’d think you’d want to use something like TouchDesigner, Notch, or other tools that are actually built for things like this.

And those visual tools could interact with the markdown in your vault too, if the note-taking is actually related to the performance.

That’s a good point!

But jumping straight into visualization techniques, might be a bit of a hasty start…

I though we could maybe initiate the conversation with a little abstract high-level chat on possible use cases, and how live mind-mapping could actually be used to capture the multi-dimensional essence of a given here and now. :slight_smile: