Performance issue after switching to Preview mode using a hotkey in v0.8.4

A few days ago I created a similar post about this problem, they said it could be my computer but I know it isn’t and now I discovered an important detail, if I switch between the Editor and the Preview via the note button, it works normally, if I use a hotkey it becomes extremely slow, and with each exchange it accumulates and becomes so slow that it gets to crash, having to close and open the software again to be able to use it.

I tried to change the hotkey but it remains the same.
Tested with and without CSS, no difference.

Old post

I can’t reproduce this. When 0.8.8 gets released, if you still have this problem.
Post a longer video, where you show what happens, with the default css.
Show all processes in you computer because you may have other things running.
And show the difference between using the hotkey vs the mouse.

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also do this

take a performance snapshot using the developer tools (performance tab) and upload the result on dropbox other cloud service as zip file

Click the circle button to start recording, do run a with shortcut. Then use the arrow down button to save the snapshot and zip the file to make it smaller.

Do it again with the mouse.

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I went for the test and it happened to be slow in both ways, so I opened Windows Sandbox, installed Obsidiam and copied all my notes over there, including CSS.

It worked perfectly! it’s something on my computer causing conflict that I can’t figure out :persevere:.

I tried to completely delete and restart the computer before reinstalling, but it remains the same.

Is it possible that you have some antivirus or clould sync service that is interfering with Obs?

I thought about it, tested it with both closed and it made no difference.

Sometimes when you close apps, some background services continue to run. Perhaps check your task manager and really look for any open background tasks related to antivirus.

Also, since you said it happens when you use the hotkeys, maybe you are triggering some macro? Do you have anything like AutoHotkey or Expanso installed? Are those hotkeys triggering something else that might be causing an infinite loop or a script or something?

Also looking at your screenshot: What about Focus-To-Do? Does that track your open windows? Try closing that.

You also have Adobe products installed. And those have some weird syncing background processes that eat up my network. I can’t imagine it causing display performance issues. But who knows. It’s Adobe. I’d try closing those too. Especially the “Genuine Software Integrity” one. <shivers>

(Try closing one thing at a time if possible, to really find the culprit.)

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Thanks for the help and patience in writing all of this, but I finally figured out the problem.

This is the bitch: C:\Windows\System32\EoAExperiences.exe

What is it? After the last Windows update, it added a new function to make the mouse cursor more prominent, I thought it was cool and activated it.

Now Obsidian is flying again :hugs:

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hahaha, good catch!

I’m always suspicious of any process that has words like, “Genuine” “Experience” “My” “Enhance” “Intelligent” in the name. :smiley:

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