PDF's to Kindle where I highlight but won't show up in Readwise

Things I have tried

I have the Readwise plugin for Obsidian. And I put pdf articles into my Kindle using Paperwise. The PDFs get into Kindle just fine and I highlight and annotate. My Kindle is attached to my Readwise. When I open up Obsidian and it sync’s with Readwise, only the highlights from books are coming in and there is nothing under articles where my PDF highlights and annotations should show up. I searched this forum and did not see this topic. Which makes me think I am not doing something obvious. I have searched YouTube and cannot find the right video. I am excited about building a second brain and also super frustrated I can’t seem to figure this out. Please assist, and pretend you are explaining to a goldfish, as I am technically challenged and probably have no business trying to make this work! Has anyone had this problem? Is it some Kindle setting I can’t find?

What I’m trying to do

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