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Whether it is a screenshot, a paste from the internet or anything else, my images all go to a dedicated local folder. That is what the local images plugin does, from what I can tell. And I love that. It seems quite ergonomic to me.

But I really need my images to sync between devices, mainly my laptop. Since my images are all local, the paths to the images on the synced devices all lead to a non-existent note, since the images are stored on my PC.

Is there a way to keep using the local images plugin and also have them sync on other devices?

How could one achieve this?

By local, do you mean in your vault or in a ~/Photos directory or something?

I’ve not used the plugin you mentioned, but what does the image link look like? If it’s within your vault (e.g., ![[RouterSettings.png]] ) it will sync wherever.

Sorry I made a mistake in my post. Images sync well.

I am having a problem with PDFs. The linked PDF appears as a non-existent note.

It is not there in the _resources folder, which is where it should be in the sync was working. I did enable PDF syncing in the settings.

I have no idea where to look to identify a problem.

Changed your post title, was “Local Images and Syncing… is it compatible?" Hope that’s OK. :wink:

If you are using Obsidian Sync, Sync PDFs (Settings > Obsidian Sync > Sync PDFs) needs to be ON for all devices. Restart to make sure it’s working.

Only other thing I can think of is to also make sure that Settings > Files & Links > Detect all file extensions is also ON.


Oh. Hm. I hadn’t activated the PDF sync on all devices. Only on the PC. Man, I’ll probably do this exact kind of mistake again at least once, lol.

Love getting used to this new app. So worth it.

You are a consistent help, thank you.

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