PDF notes/annotations to Markdown

I have compiled a basic script to have my pdf notes and annotations to markdown, but don’t yet know how to make a plugin for it.

Basically, it has three things as of now, I do plan to expand it, but I am not getting a lot of time.

  1. Capture the comments (those on highlights or the free standing pop ups)
  2. Capture the highlighted text
  3. Capture images under any rectangle or circle.

So basically, I can even capture any hand drawings if I choose to draw a rectangle around it. And they will reflect in my notes for the PDF.

Original plan was to make it atomic. As in, each comment as a new note which is linked to the main note. The main note would have worked as a “MOC”?

But I dropped that plan as soon as I saw, there is a need to segregate what is a note and which one is not. So it’s better to have them at one place and upon a second read, you can make them a new note. But, thing is, it it possible. The possibilities are immense!

I have very little experience in coding, and that’s why it took an effort.

I was wondering if there could be a plug-in for such a job.

Also, if I have a python script, how to convert it to a plugin?


Is there not already a plugin for that?

Or, do you mean something else?


Yes, I saw it after developing it myself. I needed a different kind of formatting and I don’t think it captures the desired images which are useful in case you are annotating with hands and your topic has a lot of diagrams :slight_smile:

I also intended to use colour coding to enable direct separate note creation. And word highlights for cloze (for the purpose of ANKI plugin)
Although, I think I can maybe learn from this plugin on how to integrate mine to obsidian for personal use maybe :smiley:

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