PDF link previews block the link on laptop-sized screens

The problem

When trying to open PDF links on my 15" Macbook, the preview usually opens before I can click the link. Since the preview covers the entire link, this means I cannot click the link at all. This makes Obsidian useless for storying my PDFs, unless I reside to only reading PDFs in this preview window.

Proposed fix

Make sure link previews don’t block the link that is being previewed. Most importantly, a preview should not open over the point where the cursor triggered the preview. Any preview that does so is creating a truly awful user experience and it must be considered a bug.

Current workaround

Race against the preview and right-click before the preview opens. Works best on slower computers and massive PDFs that take a long time to open. Terrible solution either way.

Other reports

This feature request seems related but does not actually explain the problem. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.

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Please, post a screen recording of this in the help vault.

The main problem I have is when the window is half-width of my laptop screen, exhibited in the later portion of the short video: 3.12 MB file on MEGA

I understand if you can’t fix this, in which case I will just keep previews disabled. But I really like the previews in every situation except on my laptop, and having my setting synced between devices has proved too valuable to give up.

why don’t you just enable ctrl/cmd on hover in the page preview settings?

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I don’t know why but I didn’t realize this setting until now! This solves my problem. Sorry to bother you, and thanks for your help!

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