Pdf link opens new tab when unnecessary


What I’m trying to do

I use core pdf viewer, then copy some text and copy a link to the text excerpt into a note.

I can click on the link , it opens the pdf in a new tab and scrolls to the selected text, very good it’s all we need indeed.

Unfortunately, even if the pdf is currently open, rather than just scrolling to the desired point it opens a new tab. I would expect this behavior for ctrl-click, but not for plain click.

This is all the more problematic as I use a password protected pdf, and it asks me again for the password. Maybe it is actually a bad combination of two undesirable behavior (1:- asking again for password of an already opened pdf 2:- systematically opening a new tab when clicking on a pdf link.

Apart from these issues, the select from pdf and copy link are just the exact atomic functions needed, so neat !

I intend to select pdf extracts and organize them in canvas with links so I can quickly come back to the original pdf in the right place. I would so much prefer rely on core rather than rely on some more complex plugins such as markmind. However if community confirms markmind is working fine and has no confidentiality issues, this would be useful information.

Things I have tried

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