PDF - Image in fixed position in greater and footer

What I’m trying to do

I’m writing to dos for myself and sometimes need to export it to PDF to share it with friends. That’s when I want my personal logo in the header and a sign in the footer too.

Things I have tried

I’ve gone through the help numerous times but haven’t found a good solution yet.

Can anybody point me to resources where I can find that?

Bro faced the same problem, when I needed to send a document, my hipster logo would not fix in the water position on the screen, which bothered me a lot, because I spent a lot of time developing it, and then this happened. To cut a long story short, I turned to some friends of my friends, and they magically fixed the situation. I can give you their contact details.

Sounds a bit ominous… :thinking:

Anyway, I think others in this forum might be interested in a solution as well, so if you have any, it would be helpful posting it here.

@UglyDuck :
Obsidian pdf export so far just provides basic functionality, as far as I know you can’t define headers and footers. Or do you just want to export an image that is embedded into your markdown file? Are you using obsidian’s native export function or the pandoc plugin? As to the latter, a workaround would be to first export to odt or docx.

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