PDF Highlights plug in removes spaces between words when transferring highlights to a note

Things I have tried

I’m trying to transfer the highlighted text from a pdf document to an Obsidian note. It transfers the text but there are no spaces between the words. the text looks something like this:

I don’t see any settings that would fix this. Has anyone else run into this problem? I’m running Catalina on my Macbook pro.

How are you transferring it — copy and paste? Does the same thing happen if you transfer the text to another app?

I copied and pasted some text (non-highlighted, then highlighted) from a PDF and all the spaces came along.

I’m using the PDF Highlights community plugin. Copying and pasting works fine.

OK, I changed the thread title to make that clear.

If you don’t get any useful info here, try opening an issue on the plugin’s Github page.