PDF export theme?

Is there a setting or some way to have Obsidian use “None” or a PDF specific theme for PDF export?
My preferred Cybertron makes for an illegible PDF.


The ability to choose a legible theme (maybe even a custom-made one) for PDF export would be great. I can keep my workspace as aesthetic and personalised as I want, and then export my writing to professional-looking documents when I want to share with others.


I don’t think you’d necessarily need a separate theme for print, but rather your theme could/should implement something for @media print. This is a related help question (unfortunately without many answers): How to style the PDF with @media print?

Would CSS snippets override/implement this if the theme doesn’t have it?
Else I’ll just see how the trusty pandoc handles it

yeah, snippets would override the theme’s CSS, so it would definitely be possible to define your own custom export style(s) as snippets.