PDF Export is ignoring YAML CSS class

When using cssclass in the yaml frontmatter of a note, to facilitate custom styling for that note, the custom css is applied to the note/page, but is ignored in the PDF export.

For example:


cssclass: h1_red


.h1_red.markdown-preview-view h1{
	color: red!important
@media print {
	.h1_red.markdown-preview-view h1{
		color: red!important

Note in Obsidian:

PDF Export:

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I have replied to an identical bug report a while back.
Please, search before posting.

Also, if you need help, post in the help section first.

Hi @WhiteNoise , thanks for your reply. This bug is still present in Obsidian. The YAML cssclass: directives are not respected when exporting to PDF.

Please let me know if you need help reproducing the bug.

It works for me and I posted a solution to your problem in the linked thread.

Post a screen recording of the css I provided on a vaniilla vault and print.

Sure, happy to help. Here’s a link to the screencast:

Here’s what I demonstrate in the screencast:

  • (offscreen) create new vault with no plugins
  • (offscreen) add test.css and activate it
  • Create regular note
  • Observe that the header is green
  • Print regular note
  • Observe that header is green
  • Add special CSS
  • Reload Obsidian to force CSS to update
  • Create special note with “cssclass: special”
  • Observe that header for this note is now red
  • Print special note
  • Observe that printed header is still green

Ok, I managed to repro. Thank you!
I move this back to bug reports.


I posted about this on Discord… now, I see it is also reported here.