PDF export doesn't work on ChromeOS

Steps to reproduce

Click Export to PDF in editor,
Click Export to PDF button in dialog,
Click Save in file manager window

Expected result

Confirmation bubble indicating that the file has been created
A new PDF file with the name provided in the path provided containing the .md file in .pdf format.

Actual result

Confirmation bubble indicating that the file has been created
No new PDF file is created


  • Operating system: ChromeOS 91
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.4

Additional information

I would love to provide a logfile, but can’t find instructions to create one.

Post a screen recording.
Also ChromeOs? It’s platform we don’t officially support.

I don’t know anything about ChromeOS. But can you provide more information about where you are saving this file? Does it have a regular file system or is it all cloud stuff? What directory are you trying to save it in? Did you try in any other directories?

I’m running it within the Buster VM that is included with ChromeOS, which uses btrfs. For simplicity, I can duplicate this when I save it to ~/.

I am gonna move this to help as we don’t officially support chromeos.

Hi G3-D1,

I tested this on my Lenovo Duet Chromebook and it worked fine for me. The PDF file was written to my home directory in Linux. I was able to find it in my Files app in ChromeOS in the “Linux Files” section.

Hope this helps!

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