PDf Editing Tools and Better view options for File explorer

Use case or problem

Pdf editors available in the plugins are not a good solution to annotating pdfs inserted anywhere in a note . Moreover the pdf window cannot be customised to make it a little smaller. Native pdf tools are thus a necessary requirement.

Proposed solution

Add a native pdf editor with tools like , highlighter , adding sticky notes , text notes and saving it natively on the pdf rather than as a markdown file.
It shld also be able to open pdfs from any location on my pc so that I don’t have to make a copy of the large file into the Obsidian vault.

Current workaround (optional)

No good workarounds are there. The plugins Annotatr and Better-pdf-plugin are incomplete and difficult to handle and don’t work quite satisfactorily.

Related feature requests (optional)

Maybe a Craft like view of the vault and the Attachments tucked into a common folder in the explorer to declutter the zone.

YES TO THIS PLEASE. There’s the annotator plugin, but as far as I know, it doesn’t save the annotations on the PDF file itself but on a separate markdown file. I just want a simple solution where, when I click on a PDF file inside Obsidian, I can automatically start annotating and it saves the annotations on the file. This way, when I choose to open the PDF in another app, the annotations are still there.

Maybe Obsidian can try to implement PDFjs or something similar instead of using Chromium’s default PDF viewer

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I definitely second the request. A good pdf viewer /editor would truly be a blessing.
Workaround: Right now I am trying to make Obsidian and Losgesq - which has a terrific way of dealing with pdfs - together. However, the downsides of using the 2 together - as an Obsidian user - are too many right now.

Much needed! But most good pdf editors are expensive out there( for reasons I fail to understand), so I’m a little pessimistic about this one.

Microsoft Edge is free and serves the needs.
Obsidian developers can make a pdf editor like Edge probably. Using Edge alongwith Obsidian doesn’t reduce the problem though , rather it uses more memory and is problematic.

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+1 for a nice in-obsidian pdf editing and saving solution. I would lovt to use a PDF of my workout plan in obsidian and it IS possible to check the boxes (Monday - check), but there is no way to save it. That hurts, even tough I love the rest of the program.

A good pdf reader would be great. Right now I’m saving, underlying etc. pdfs in Logseq . I also extract text there and take notes. Then I have a corresponding note in Obsidian where I put the most relevant infos and a link to the Logseq page. Not the worst possible workaround, but not ideal either…