PDF Beautiful Movement: Share your Pandoc PDF stylesheets?

Do you have special LaTex or CSS styles that you use when exporting to PDF via pandoc? A theme, if you will, for export?

Pandoc makes creating PDFs from markdown very easy:

pandoc -s input.md -o output.pdf

The default formatting is the much beloved and despised LaTex style, familiar to all who’ve been in the sciences or read their professor’s own textbook. And while it is useful for playing the part, it’s not always what you want.

If you export via pandoc (or by another method), do you have a template you’d like to show off? Perhaps you made it (this is your chance to proudly peacock it!) or perhaps you found it, and want others to know the treasure you’ve found. Share in a post!

Let’s make PDFs beautiful.


I have none to share, but Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 3.13.24 PM

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Adding a related post:

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