Pasting quotation mark

I often pasting text from website with quotation mark but it appear that the symbol is different,
this is the symbol that I pasted
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 15.18.26

both single and double quotation mark is not the same with this " and this '.
how to sovle this?
or is there any plugin for this problem?

I usually replacing each of them manually, which is painful.

There has been some discussion on the topic of smart/curly quotes before, so see link below for that:

And there seems to be a plugin which might aid you in converting your documents between various variants thereof, see this plugin:

Hope this helps,

Thanks but this is not working in my case.
I want the reverse, I want the usual quotes, not the curly quotes.

and in my case, I’m pasting text with curly quotes from other websites. Which I want it to be normal quotes when pasted.

If you use a Mac, there is a free package of services (downloadable from the link below or the Mac App Store) that runs across the OS, including in Obsidian, to do things like transform straight quotes to curly quotes, and curly quotes to straight quotes, and change sentence cases, and remove tabs, and lots of other text-tidying and text-manipulation tasks.

You can run the services from the menu bar or assign hotkeys to them.

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