Pasting pictures breaks when adding . prefix to attachments folder

This is reproducible on 3 systems.

Here’s the code in my app.json file. I have narrowed the bug down to the 3rd line.

ROOT ISSUE: I have .attachments set as my attachments folder. Removing the . In the beginning of the attachments also resolves the issue. The reason I have .attachments is because

“legacyEditor”: false,
“livePreview”: true,
“attachmentFolderPath”: “./.attachments”,
“alwaysUpdateLinks”: true,
“defaultViewMode”: “source”,
“showUnsupportedFiles”: true,
“trashOption”: “local”,
“newFileLocation”: “current”,
“useMarkdownLinks”: true,
“readableLineLength”: false,
“autoPairMarkdown”: false,
“autoConvertHtml”: true

Someone on reddit has confirmed the bug here. It has nothing to do with the theme as I’m running Obsidian default theme.

Sorry for the lack of info. I’m new to this forum & Obsidian and just learning how to post bug reports.

Steps to reproduce

See above

Expected result

Should be able to paste pictures

Actual result

Cannot paste pictures :frowning:


  • Operating system: Windows 10 LTSC 2021

  • Debug info:
    Windows 10 LTSC 21H2 (latest)
    Obsidian version: v0.15.8

We do not support . folders. They are always hidden in obsidian and not usable.

Ah good to know, thanks @WhiteNoise. It seemed like .attachments works in Obsidian but just the picture pasting gets broken.

I’ve since moved to a plugin that makes folders called “asset” and puts the pics/files in there :slight_smile: