Pasting copied text to Google Docs from reading mode when in Dark Mode fails, works in Light Mode

Steps to reproduce

  • launch Obsidian in Dark Mode
  • copy any text
  • paste text into Google Doc
  • note that text pasted has dark background and indented lines have gray text with white background
  • change Obsidian to light mode
  • copy any text
  • paste into Google Doc
  • everything looks correct

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]. YES

  • Bug happens in Sandbox Vault as well, go to Formatting/Lists and copy with Obsidian in Dark mode and paste in Google Docs and see wierd gray text and off formatting
  • Try Sandbox in Light mode and copy/paste into Google Docs works fine

Expected result

  • expect to see list pasted without formatting issues

Actual result

Dark mode impact pasting into Google Docs


MacOS Sonomoa 14.3

Additional information

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