Pasted screenshot images fail to display

MacOS Ventura - I’m trying to paste screenshots from a web page into Obsidian notes. I had been pasting screenshots without any problems since downloading Obsidian from a few weeks ago until I suddenly started getting the following result instead of the screenshot image upon pasting screenshots into Obsidian from the same website I’ve been using all along:

![[Pasted image 20230723192739.png]]

I searched for prior posts on the topic but didn’t see a solution posted. I restarted my Mac and Obsidian, dragged files from the Finder, took screenshots of screenshots pasted to the Notes app, etc. but continually get the same result.

Forum search terms: pasting screenshots from Mac OS into Obsidian, ![[Pasted image 20230723192739.png]]


Is it possible you are in Source mode for the troublesome notes?

Upper right:

Lower right:

@ariehen It’s not in source mode according to the Upper right and Lower right menus. On the top, nothing is checked. On the bottom, Live Preview is checked.

Thanks for your help.

Ahh, okay. Had to be sure.

Does it happen in the Sandbox vault (F1/Help (?) → open Sandbox vault)?

You could try some of the troubleshooting steps here to see if it’s a plugin or theme issue.

@ariehen I pasted it into the Sandbox vault and the image pastes normally. Does that help troubleshoot this?

I went through the other troubleshooting steps you listed, but those didn’t help.

@ariehen I found that I’m able to paste the image of the entire web page if I go Edit - Select All - Copy - Paste to Obsidian. This isn’t preferred as I’ll have to delete several parts to create notes, but it’s better than nothing.

Is it possible that pasting screenshots is a bug that hasn’t been fixed?

If it works fine / as expected in the Sandbox, it’s not an Obsidian bug and is something about that particular vault where the issue is. The only way to get to the bottom of it is with the troubleshooting steps. Creating a new vault is also an option.

Some ideas:
If you switch to source mode you may see some “illegal characters” preventing Obsidian to render your note correctly

maybe some of your obsidian plugins interferes when pasting from clipboard.
…Or a 3rd party app could interfere, eg. One that manages clipboard content

@ariehen, I’m not sure what happened, but now I’m suddenly able to paste screenshots (.png). I created a new vault as you suggested and the images paste fine there too.

If it happens again, would it make sense to create a new volt and run a vault transfer?

Thanks for all your help.

@Jopp As mentioned in another reply, I’m now able to copy-paste the same .png screenshots. I’m not sure what happened, but it’s finally working.

Thanks for your help.

Creating a new vault is one way to “fix” it, and I’m glad it’s working now, but you don’t want to be doing that every time there’s an issue. I’d be creating a new vault twice a week if that was the only option :sweat: .

The troubleshooting steps (linked above) are the best way to get to the root of the problem.

  1. Check the Sandbox. Is it OK? →
  2. Default theme, Restricted mode ON, no CSS snippets, and restart. Is it OK? →
  3. Default theme, Restricted mode OFF and all plugins OFF, no CSS snippets. Is it OK? →
  4. Default theme, Restricted mode OFF and half of your plugins on, no CSS snippets. Is it OK? →
  5. …and so on

@ariehen Okay. Thanks.

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