Pasted Images of Low Quality [Linux]

Why is there such a huge different in quality of pasted images?

It looks like the color space is wrong or something.

Original image here:

Why was this moved to the Help section?

Sounds like a bug to me. I don’t have this problem with other applications.

You’ve not followed the bug report template, so then it gets moved until the template is either filled out, or the potential bug has been confirmed by other means.

And personally I can’t at first glance see what the issue is, so you would at least need to provide more information as to what you expect and what you actually see.

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+1 what holroy said. You need to provide more info. Including what browser you are copying from.

I can see the difference. I can also reproduce this on MacOS/Firefox. But it’s not clear if it’s because of Obsidian.

If I copy and paste the image, the file has a color profile of “Generic RGB Profile”. If I save the image, the color profile is “Color LCD”.

Where that color profile gets transformed could be from the browser, the web server, the clipboard manager, or Obsidian’s interpretation of the clipboard data. If you google “png color profile when copy paste” you’ll see a lot of relevant discussion about when images don’t have a color space properly defined, so I don’t think this is related to Obsidian.

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