Paste to Markdown not working

[x] macOS 12.1
Obsidian v0.13.23

When pasting into Obsidian, Obsidian used to automatically convert rich text into Markdown. For example, if I pasted in rich text like this:

  • bold text
  • italic text
  • this is a link

Then it would automatically convert that rich text into the following markdown like this:

- **bold** text
- *italic* text
- this is a [link]( 

But instead it is only copying the unformatted text like this:

bold text
italic text
this is a link

Obsidian used to do this for me. Is there a setting that I accidentally toggled off, or is this a bug?

I just copied and pasted the list items from your comment and pasted into a page both in my vault (uses the legacy editor) with various plug ins enabled and the help vault (uses live preview) and both of them pasted in the rich formatting as I would expect.

I was able to get the non-marked up version pasted if I disabled the Auto convert HTML flag in the options under Editor > Advanced section of the settings. Check to make sure you have that enabled (slider to the right).


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