Paste text without the Brackets"[]" Links

It is very frustrating to write your noted i.e
" [[Exercise]] is good for [[Health]] and [[Longevity]] as well as [[Physical Attractiveness]]."

Now when i stumble upon this note and a hundred others for the topic i am writing, i want to copy above form its page and paste it on the document i am writing. It should look like this
after pasting
" Exercise is good for Health and Longevity as well as Physical attractiveness".

Imagine how much the workflow is slowed slowed when removing hundreds of “[]” from each individual notes.


Hi ilivgolf, fellow user here. If you switch to preview mode before selecting the text, it should then paste without the brackets. Hope this helps!

Thanks Craig! realized that after posting this message. This is so important for workflow as taking away those brackets is a pain keeping in mind when the docs gets bigger. Good Job Obsidian! Further on, when i copy paste into Word document for final editing , the headings and subheadings remain intact. This is something Roam cannot so. Imagine writing a book and than transfer it brackets. Removing brackets t will take longer than writing the book :slight_smile:

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