Password protection for individual notes in Obsidian Publish would be great

Would it be possible for individual notes to be password protected so that one could publish some content but require the visitor to have a password to see it?


Yeah, how is this not a thing??? It’s really holding me up on sharing some content I’d like to be more selective about.


+1 for this.

+1 With a cherry on top. Password protection for folders would be most useful I think.


+1. Would really make use of note specific passwords on publish


Has anyone figured out a way to essentially accomplish this?

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Is there any reason this isn’t on trello or any other planned updates?

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+1 This would be a feature, that I would be willing to pay additional money for ! :slight_smile:

I have some Notes that I would like to share public to every visitor, but some others that should remain only for a certain circle - but all of them are connected to my diary-keeping that also happens in Obsidian, because I derive many thoughts for the published part from there…

The only way I can do it now, is to painstakingly move all the content and notes that I want to share with a closer circle to another vault, but that again makes me loosing all the connections to my diary…

Unfortunately that makes the publishing - that is SUCH a nice thing - almost useless for me…

So yes, PLEASE ! if someone stumbles across this at any time !

It would be SO great !


while we’re just blurting out ideas, it wouldn’t be terrible if it hooked into Keybase which would allow us to create arbitrary recipients or readers (e.g. you can use Keybase to encrypt something to one of my twitter handles and if i use keybase and have that handle as my proof i can read it and verify signature from writer/sender.

otherwise use x509 certs would be my second choice followed by just a gross implementation of gnupg via plugin with ascii-armored ciphertext maybe?

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Please!!! +1000

Is this filed as a Feature Request?

+1 This would be a godsend!

If you’ve got a bit of tech skill you can add this very easily (and free) with Cloudflare Workers:

You could set it as above so that everything in a particular folder is password protected, but you could also match individual pages instead if you wanted.

You can even go so far as to add a paywall:

Would be really great for selective sharing of content

I have been waiting long time for this

It would be awesome to have password protection for both notes and folders