Partite graph view

Use case or problem

The graph view has a “Group” option to color the vertices by some rules. Sometimes I want to see them in literally “groups” - a partite graph, with all vertices of the same color grouped together in one part.

What I expect would be something like

(obviously we could do better than this, but it shows the concept.)

Proposed solution

Actually I’m not really sure, the API of graph view is not public … yet (I hope it will soon). I think rewriting the physics and add some constraints and forces to different colors (groups) might do.



Oh, that would be excellent. We have recently been doing a lot of work with graphs, for various purposes, and we see the use of Directed Acyclic Graphs expanding in so many areas now. Extending this functionality would be great.

@onDrag I agree very much so! I was thinking about this very recently, and remembered making a very similar feature request here: Graph view containers

I would love to see this either as a native feature or plugin. Hopefully more people agree. Thanks for making such a clear request with visuals!