Parsing of table after heading (with/without blank line)

I agree, it’s annoying it’s not included there as a way to have everyone on the same page.

My point was rather that, specifically after a heading, adding a line-space for a table is unintuitive and ugly due to it being common practice not to do so and having extra margin-bottom to push content away from the heading.

Not to make a great thing about it, but to me it’s unintuitive not to have space after a heading, no matter whether it’s a table or other blocks, and I think having stuff very close to the heading looks ugly.
A heading deserves its space.

My point here is not to disagree with you, but rather to showcase that it’s in no way given what’s common/intuitive on this matter, as that’s usually often related to personal preferences. I could easily argue both sides related to various point of views, but personally I’m agreeing with this change and understand the reasoning behind it.

ah, I had just deleted several pages and stopped working on Obsidian cause I thought most Tables were broken… I didn’t realize it was an intentional change.

Thanks you so much!

Will be fixed in v1.3.6. Tables will work right after headings. This is change is for headings only, to align reader and editor.


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