PANIC! Maximum call stack size exceed. I lost completly my notes!

I was just writing my notes when obsidian have crashed! Then after have restart it I try to open my notes file an error comes with the message “Maximum call stack size exceed”. I have tried to search online but there isn’t nothing about this. I have tried to delete the pictures but the file do not want to open. I have tried to open the file .md on another editor but when I do it, on the editor appear only impossible character (something like a “null” word on a red background), without the possibility to remove something in order to make the file lighter.

Actually I’m in panic, all my notes about this course is on this file,10 months course, and I’m not able to open it.

Please help me!

For anyone want to try to do it thank you so much.

You can try to recover using the File Recovery Plugin. Settings>File recovery.

Thank you so much. I’m sorry I thought it was labelable as bug.
However it work!!!
Thank you again!

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