Panes Suddenly Resize

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open several notes in separate panes.
  2. Slowly & carefully adjust their width individually; all of them back & forth several times.

Expected result

The panes to adjust to where I put them. Sometimes it takes longer to happen than others. It seems several notes & smaller panes increase the possibility of it happening.

Actual result

At some point while doing this several of them will suddenly drastically change size.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.4

Additional information

No custom CSS is being used.

I’m attaching before & after screenshots. I recorded an mp4 recording of my screen, but realized that I’m not sure how to appropriately get that to the forum. So I started over, created a before screenshot, and then took another one after it happened.

In both screenshots there are 6 notes open. In the “After” screenshot, two of the notes are so narrow you can’t see any text, but you can see their “note” icon in the upper left hand corner, next to where their title would be.



Please post a link to your video.

Any suggestions on an easy way to do that?

I could upload it to my google drive & post that link here, but then after I delete the recording it won’t be available any longer & I won’t be sure how long I should leave it up for…

Ok, let’s do that.

Here it is:

Panes Suddenly Resizing

I’ll leave it up for a few weeks.

I have also ran into this bug before with only 3 panes.

Operating system: Windows 10

Should be fixed in 0.9.7

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