Pane resizing does not stick

Steps to reproduce

Split a single pane window into two vertically, then drag the vertical line splitting the two panes left or right

Expected result

That the position of the vertical line separating the two panes remains where you let go the mouse button

Actual result

Flicks around all over the place - sometimes (seems often when I have a PDF open in left hand pane and my notes on the right) even to the extent that the left hand pane flicks to being only a few pixels wide.


  • Operating system: Mac OS 11.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.13

Additional information

Hi, me again!
Seems to have resolved itself. But this morning when this was happening was not the first time for me. I notice that now it has resolved I have the three circles “more options” button in the top right of each of my three panes. Before when I was having difficulties the “more options” button was only in my left hand pane. (I had one full vertical left hand pane and two panes split horizontally to the right of it).

Loving Obsidian!

Probably related to or same as: Panes jump / resize slightly when clicking the divider

if it happens next time post a screen recording and rememebr we don;'t take bug reports with third-party plugins or third party themes.

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