Pandoc plugin not recognizing custom styles

I’m trying to use Pandoc plugin to render documents in docx format and overall it is working but I can’t get custom styles to work

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to use a custom style with Pandoc plugin when converting to docx format.
I want to

  1. in obsidian, specify a block of text that should be in “Awesome Style”
  2. define Awesome Style in my reference doc
  3. use pandoc plug in to render a document in docx format and have the specified text show up in Awesome Style.

Things I have tried

I followed the instructions in the Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide Pandoc manual to set custom styles and tried both methods.

[Get out]{custom-style="Emphatically"}, he said.

would produce a docx file with “Get out” styled with character style Emphatically. Similarly, using the fenced_divs syntax,

Dickinson starts the poem simply:

::: {custom-style="Poetry"}
| A Bird came down the Walk---
| He did not know I saw---

But neither of these methods worked. In each case, the text came out in “body text” style.

I searched on this forum for “pandoc style” and just “pandoc” and couldn’t find anything relevant, and then created this topic.

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