Pandoc plugin: how to change margins on PDF export

I’m using the “Pandoc Plugin” 0.2.5 to export to PDF. I’d like a wide margin on the right hand side. I thought adding this up front would work:

- right=5cm

because it does when I run pandoc from the Terminal.

Am I doing this wrong - should I be using a “template” instead?


Mine worked by typing in this ( I changed the left margin):


  • left=10mm

Note: I had to type in the 3 hyphens (not copy / paste from somewhere). They turned red in Obsidion.

I then just exported PDF via LaTeX.


Thanks for confirming it’s working for you. I have the same red hyphens, but changing the mm numbers makes no difference for me, so I’m thinking I must have some issue with pandoc, not obsidian.

Embarrassingly, I’ve found the solution to my problem; use command-P “Pandoc Plugin: Export as PDF”, not the “Export to PDF” command found by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right hand corner.

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