Pandoc does not show embedded images in docx

When using embedded images, Pandoc skips them in the docx output.
Solved problems:

  1. used wikilinks rather than markdown. Fixed that. This made the error message “cannot find” during pandoc conversion disappear.
  2. did not specify the full path to the image. Fixed that, but no difference. No error message though.

I then tried to use the YAML code to specify the resource path. Nothing.
Same with extract path.

cssclass: clean-embeds
title: Standaard title
lang: nl
resource-path: \Users\ingew\iCloudDrive\iCloud~md~obsidian\ISO27002\AVG\Pictures
reference_docx: \Users\ingew\iCloudDrive\iCloud~md~obsidian\ISO27002\Setup\ISOstyle.docx

Any ideas?

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