[Paid $$$] - Building for me my Obsidian OS

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to heavily use Obsidian this year as my PKM & my life OS.

Unfortunately, I’m far from being as good as you’re… and I’m so frustrated seing what can be done in Obsidian, and my inability to replicate it!

I think I’ve just lost dozen of hours watching tutorials or video online, without getting anything advanced done.

I don’t know how to use DataView, the right plugins to use (Templater or something else), the way to display correctly a period completion %, the way to track habit through emojis, how to integrate something like this (navigation bar, period completion pourcentage), etc - I’m just lost in this ocean of informations.

Therefore, I’m looking for someone with great experience in Obsidian who has already done what I’m looking for and can deliver a done-for-you service. I would be happy to pay, my budget is 120$.

Kindly send me a MP if you can help me in that or forward this post to someone who can do that :pray:t3:


hey, I think I’d be able to help. Let me know the OS(es) you use Obsidian on - I could create a vault & set up some of what you want as proof that I know what I’m doing in exchange for a small fee (say $10 unless it takes me 5m?) as the basis for mutual trust. What’s yr highest priority in terms of the setup? And more generally, what are yr goals w/ Obsidian - I’m guessing “life OS” means that you want it to be pretty all-encompassing rather than for specific, strictly-defined projects, but any additional info you can give me would help. Let me just warn you that because of things like Dataview & Templater, & consequently the fact that Obsidian can execute JS, shell commands etc, you could make perfecting it a full-time job - always (speaking from experience here) be aware that tinkering w/ it to make yrself more productive can end up taking up so much time that it’s actually a net loss. Look fwd to hearing from you.

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