Page scrolling glitch with certain themes


When using themes like, Yin & Yang, ITS (earlier versions) or Obsidianite as well as some others, the synced scrolling between two linked notes is glitching.
It only happens when the file contains bullet points and only if you scroll on the editor page. Then only the preview page glitches.

Outside the forum

The first time afaik the problem was addressed on GitHub with the ITS theme. The issue mentioned was the same and even contains a demonstration gif. Later, the developer updated the theme and fixed this bug but it is still present in other themes.


I don’t know what additional code was added and if I did then I wouldn’t know how to utilize it for another theme.
Does anyone else have this problem? Could you fix the problem with a snippet?

I would very grateful for any kind of help! :slight_smile:

You can try opening an issue on the Yin and Yang and Obsidianite themes, and link to the ITS issue for the other developers to discuss.

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