Page preview has no title

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable Page Preview (core plugin)
  2. Hover over any internal link (press ctl if necessary)

Expected result

A pop-out should appear that shows the rendered note.

Actual result

Note does not have the title as generated by obsidian from the file name. If you click on the note, it will have a title before all of the content that matches the name of the file, but in the preview, it is not shown. This could be toggleable according to preference.


  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • Debug info:
    Obsidian version: v1.0.3
    Installer version: v0.14.15
    Operating system: Windows 10 Home 10.0.22621
    Login status: not logged in
    Insider build toggle: off
    Live preview: on
    Legacy editor: off
    Base theme: dark
    Community theme: none
    Snippets enabled: 0
    Restricted mode: off
    Plugins installed: 1
    Plugins enabled: 1
    1: Default New Tab Page v0.10.0

I disagree. This is a Feature Request, please open one.