Page Preview doesn't work property on Graph View when pressing cmd/ctrl after hover

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable Require ⌘ to trigger page preview on hover for graph view.
  2. Open Graph View.
  3. Hover to a node (note).
  4. Press ⌘ to preview.

Expected result

See the preview of the note.

Actual result

Nothing happens. No preview.


  • Operating system: MacOS 13.0.1
  • Obsidian version: v1.1.9

Additional information

Workaround is holding ⌘, hovering out of the node (note), and hovering back to a node.

I can confirm this bug, on windows it is also not working when pressing ctrl.

It works for me. press ctrl/cmd hover the mouse over a note.

Post a screen recording of this not working in the sandbox vault

You’re using the workaround as noted in the post. Try to hover first and press/cmd

this is not a the workaround this is how it works. you must first press ctrl/cmd and then hover.

Not just in graph view, but everywhere.

Not just in graph view, but everywhere.

That is false. You can Hover to a link and press ctrl/cmd inside notes.

your are right, this was changed recently. open a feature request for graph view.

Nevermind, let’s keep it in bug reports.

Renamed BR for clarity.

Yeah… Hey @WhiteNoise, no disrespect but I wasn’t too happy about the responses here.
You didn’t read the full post the first time, you made a false claim (the part about not just in graph view, but everywhere), and then you told me to open a feature request because this was a recent change. Pressing cmd/ctrl and hovering to preview works fine for everywhere else. I haven’t tested all of them thoroughly but it works for notes, search, mentions, and file explorer.

Regardless, thanks for taking a second look

I didn’t make a false claim intentionally. This was changed recently, previously you needed to hold ctlr/cmd before hovering. it was the only way it worked.

I apologize for not reading completely your post.