Page preview doesn't work for standard markdown links

Only links following the WIKILINKS format are visible on Ctrl-Hover.

When system creates markdown links the hover doesn’t work.

This works: ![[img/image.jpg]]
This doesn’t work: [title](img/image.jpg)

The wikilinks do not work correctly in several other programs while the standard markdown links cause less problems (especially when containing spaces)


You need to surround your examples with `` characters, or it gets interpreted as markdown, and so nobody can tell what you meant to post.

Regarding link hovering, are you in edit or preview mode? If you are in preview mode, note that markdown links that contain spaces in the target do not work in preview mode, because the markdown parser is using the strict interpretation of the spec, such that you need to replace spaces with %20 to make them work.

If you are in edit mode, then yes, you’re correct that markdown-style links do not support preview hover unless you use a plugin that adds that feature.

works in the editor.