Page Preview does not work anymore

What I’m trying to do

I just noticed, that the obsidian plug-in “page preview” does not work anymore in my vault even with the default theme activated. If I switch to the “Help Vault” it works as expected.

Any suggestions how to find a solution?

Things that may be interesting:

  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19, Installer version: 0.12.19

  • Obsidian-App used on Mac mini (2018) with macOS 12.0.1 installed

  • No external plug-ins and no snippets installed

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Silly question maybe, but the first idea that came to my mind (one should exclude the most simple solutions before digging deeper into the problem… :wink: ): have you checked in the settings if, by mistake, you might have disabled the plugin without noticing?

@alltagsverstand: Yes I double checked it. The plug-in is activated.

Does it work if you disable all third party plugins?

If not: could you give some more information on what exactly you are doing? How do you switch between edit and preview mode, for example? By hotkey, by menu, by clicking?

Edit: I thought about edit and preview mode first, not the “page preview” plugin… So the above doesn’t make much sense… :wink:

I have no third party plug-ins and snippets installed.

What I just recognised is interesting: If I hover over an internal link in preview, the only thing happens is that the cursor changes. However, if I hover the same link in edit and keep the cmd-key pressed, things are normal and the page preview shows up.

Does it work in preview mode if you hold cmd?

Yes it does!
I thought it works like external links. When I move the cursor over an external link, the url of the link is shown without me pressing the cmd key.

you can change that behavior in the preview plugin settings: you can choose for what kind of links you need the cmd/ctrl key in order to show the preview. Go to “settings” → left pane under “plugin settings”


That was it :grinning: Thanks a lot for your help :+1:.

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