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list where contains ("::") (single quotes, double quotes)
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Hi, I am new to Obsidian, so I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious. I am setting up a vault with notes for which I intend to use natural annotations such as those enabled by Dataview inline fields.
However it occured to me that since inline fields are not like tags (Obsidian doesn’t propose existing inline field keys when typing), my annotations are going to be error prone: e.g. I can annotate one document with “eligibility” and another with “elgibility”.
I thought that I can easily keep this clean if I create an index page where all inline fields are listed, a bit like tag pane; looking at this page from time to time would allow me to weed out typos and inconsistencies. I can search for :: in the search fields, but that returns each individual note, which won’t work.

Question: how do I create a note with a list of all inline field keys I have used?

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You might do this with the DataView Plugin and write a custom script instead of the standard queries.

I’m not the best with DV queries, but I’m pretty decent with the custom scripting since JavaScript is my jam.

When you say you add an inline field, what exactly does this look like?

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Thank you for replying! Yes, I’m trying to do that with Dataview, but I know absolutely nothing about JS (although I’m already thinking I should start learning, possibilities are tempting).

When I talk about inline fields, I’m referring to Dataview annotations as described here: Data Annotation - Dataview (

I.e. Key:: value or [key:: value] type of entries.

Eg. example of my data:

[Lumbar puncture:: WBC 19 (87% lymphocytes); RBC-1, protein 54; glucose 33, negative for malignancy; no abnormal B cell population identified]

So my concern is that on one page I’ll type key as “Lumbar puncture”, on another it’ll be “Lumbar punctere”, so I need to clean these keys somehow.

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OK I guess I have to dive into the JS :slight_smile: I will also put down a feature request. Inline fields are AMAZING for the type of work I do, where I have to structure large chunks of text.

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