Page does not stay in its original location when going back to edit mode from review mode

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit some pages, adding multiple images and tables.
  2. Going into preview mode to check the result
  3. Going back to edit mode for continued editing

Expected result

The cursor and page should stay in where I left for a preview.

Actual result

Pages are shifted up.
It seems because of the images and tables (FYI, I use tables to lay multiple images in the same line), the calculation of the position is not correct anymore.
The page always shift up, and I need to manually scroll it down to where I left…


  • Operating system: Windows 11.
  • Debug info:

Additional information


Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault and attach a simple file.
Regardless, I am not sure we are gonna explicitly support images in tables.

I figured out that this is due to the table issue.

I place two imgs side by side in two cells in a row inside a table.
When in editing mode, the auto-wrap function will place the two images in two lines, without resizing the images.

When jumping into preview mode, the images are resized into the tables, all in a row.

This difference seems to make the location different…