Override theme css

It would be nice to be able to override theme css. Ie you change to a different theme but there is some CSS that you, yourself, wrote that override the CSS from the theme that you applied.


Child themes!

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I’d love to see this too. A global.css would do the trick nicely.

Along the same idea, it might be nice to expose the default theme as an obsidian.css file that I can then tweak if I like the default theme but just one to change one thing (e.g. I want the font used in the editor to be monospace).


+1 I’d like this as well. I think overriding themes can also work on a global vs local scope, e.g.
A “default” obsidian theme for all my vaults, e.g. in ~/.config/obsidian.css that I can override locally in each vault e.g. ~/vault/.obsidian/obsidian.css.

It probably makes sense that the global obsidian.css is still different from the theme I want to modify.


Available in v0.9.18: