Overlapping bold and italic in different parts of the same block

Composing overlapping Markdown font directives doesn’t work, resulting in the following (mis)render.

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Under Windows 10, notably. v0.8.15.

uhm… not sure this is generally agreead upon behaviour.

I am gonna move this to feature requests


I’m not sure which programs would interpret this combination as desired

Using underlines and asterisks ought to work

I would find that a more acceptable answer (in general) if the default italic that you get when hitting Control-I wasn’t the single asterisk but the single underline.

By default, it’s choosing a mechanism that is overloaded. One of these behaviors probably needs to change in order to avoid the conflict arising from natural use of the product.

It would be even better if markdown didn’t have syntax clashes.

Whichever approach is used, shouldn’t the editor and the preview be consistent? In the example given, it looks like the editor applies italics whereas the preview does not.

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iirc the editor and the preview are based on different engines, so potential for discrepancies exists.

That will disappear with wysiwyg


I feel a bit torn about this. I’ll move it back to bug reports.

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