Outlook agenda in Obsidian

Hi all,

I’ve integrated my Outlook calendr using templater and a python script:


whoa! impressive!

How did you do that?

I was wrong, I’m now back at my computer and have no new lines in my command either and it works fine. is it possible that it’s a setting in Obsidian itself? Like, maybe turn off the setting ‘strict line breaks’ in settings>editor ?

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Hi Kabo,

I’ll create a Github repository to share my scripts, including this one…


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That was it! Strict linebreaks was the villain, and turning it off made everything work!


Yay! :partying_face:

Hey! Wondering if there is a link you could share to this repo? I’d love to be able to integrate my calendar as you have. Thank you!

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Would love to see this!

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What’s the best place to find instructions to get this setup running for a novice?

Do you have the link for this repo?

I would also be glad if you can share it with the community.

Hi guys,

I am trying to get this to work. It works fine called from the terminal. But dies not work when called from Templater… It says “No calendars”…

Has anyone seen this behavior? I have even tried to call icallbuddy via commonjs script from Templater but no success…

Any hints are appreciated!

Hi Igor, are you able to direct me to your repo?

I’ve been trying to get iCalBuddy working with my Outlook Agenda today following the instructions found here

I’m using the “fixed” edition of iCalBuddy, running current OSX and Obsidian, but unfortunately keep having this error message return when I create a new Daily Note

CleanShot 2022-10-04 at 15.19.19

I imagine it’s a simple step I’m missing somewhere along the line and will try again later with fresh eyes, but want to see if anyone has troubleshot this before

I’ve managed to connect to my Outlook calendar using the (new?) Full Calendar plugin. The trickiest part is figuring out your calendar’s .ics URL.


I’ve just found this today too. Looking to dive in this week

Is there an instruction to get the events from a Windows system to obsidian?


@lielu has found the answer to my issues. Obsidian did was not asking for permissions to access the Calendars Calendar permission is not requested on MacOS (Ventura) - Resolved help - Obsidian Forum

How did you find your Calendar’s ics url? I can’t figure it out

I logged in to outlook.office.com, opened my calendar and shared it with myself via my other email address (a different one from the one that owns the calendar). Then I received an email with an ics link of the form https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/.../.../...calendar.ics
(in the link below the “Add this calendar”-button)