Outliner sync with note while scrolling

Great find :eyes:


could we get some input from someone who knows what’s on the obsidian-roadmap?

Is it actually on the radar of the devs? When can we expect this feature to arrive? any prio?

YES!. If you have a large outline and you are searching through it you can get lost so easily. If the outline panel showed where you are that would be fantastic!

Having to have the outline/ToC in a pane is a waste of screen real estate. I now use the floating toc plug-in instead, which also marks whereabouts you are in the note.

Personally, I feel that floating toc has a delay in use, waiting for each slide in, possibly in generating a directory.

This would also be a good alternative:

@jerviscui I have not noticed any such delay, for me the plug-in works as expected, I have even been able to modify the font somewhat.

Love this idea!

I found this so am upvoting this instead of creating a new feature request.

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